Accenture Sound Advice: A Thought Leadership Series

Cover art for Accenture Consulting's campaign Sound Advice
Cover art for Accenture Consulting's campaign Sound Advice
Accenture is Giving Microsoft Some Sound Advice

Microsoft is Accenture’s largest client and most critical alliance partner. With over 5,500 dedicated team members committed to helping Microsoft achieve “greater than” results, Accenture wanted to grow its position as a true strategic adviser. They challenged Echelon to create a campaign that would showcase its end-to-end business, technology, industry and functional consulting in a way that was fun and conducive to their culture.

The resulting promotion was Sound Advice — an original 5-episode, Accenture host-led series discussing the issues and perspectives driving disruption across industry.

TV in a card design for the Sound Advice campaign

With Seattle as the backdrop, the video series showcased Accenture’s expertise, the curiosity of its culture, the disruption they are seeing in the marketplace and how they are connecting with Microsoft to change the way people work, live and play.

To promote the campaign, Echelon created custom HD video cards which were all hand delivered to Microsoft clients.

“This campaign was a total success. We reached clients that were previously untouchable.”

-Gwen Forloine

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