Accenture Interactive: A Lofty Experience

Accenture Interactive exhibit at Adobe Summit
Accenture Interactive exhibit at Adobe Summit
Accenture Interactive has a Lofty Experience at Adobe Summit

The work space is a window to understanding what a company is all about. Creative agencies have known this for years. Channeling inspiration into ideation is always a challenge, but even more so if the environment is restrictive, cold or unstimulating.

According to a 2016 BBC report, “How your office is designed can affect much more than creativity. Data shows that something as simple as an office layout can improve everything from communication to productivity.”

We believe the same holds true for a company’s trade show space.

Image of the backside of the Accenture Interactive exhibit at Adobe Summit

Our designs for Accenture Interactive’s Adobe Digital Marketing Summit booth channeled the layout of a SoHo loft with an open concept design, warm wood tones and natural elements, new branding and vibrant color palette, mid-century and postmodern furniture and fixtures, and seamless infusion of technology throughout—artfully pairing natural with digital.

Square feet
Tailored Meeting Spaces
Happy Client


In 2016, Accenture Interactive was named the world’s biggest and fastest growing digital agency by AdAge. And according to a recent Forrester report, “Accenture Interactive has the most compelling and complex customer work—from rethinking design and branding to integrating into enterprise back-end systems.” Moreover, Accenture Interactive has proven these accolades time and time again by helping a broad range of clients like Fiat, Meliá, BMW and P&G embrace digital through performance-based programs.

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