American Financial & Automotive Services: Stand Out Demonstrations

American Financial Exhibit Media Wall
American Financial Exhibit Media Wall
Making a Service Stand Out

Showcasing a core offering such as a piece of equipment or apparel is one challenge that Echelon has tackled for decades, but what do you do to create an environment for a service that’s less tangible?

American Financial is a services company. Their “product” falls into this alternate scenario for which our designers had to focus on lifestyle imagery, motion graphics, and technology-driven demonstrations to support their brand. This message was brought together in a modern, stylistic structure which remained open to the aisles on each side and could foster individualized attention as needed.

Image of the 2016 American Financial exhibit

The approach leveraged a 2’×2′ high-definition video array inset into the structure with a trapezoidal framing to fit the design motif. Content for this feature included promotional incentives as well as key information about American Financial Services and benefits.

Distributed kiosk workstations became a great place for staff to strike up conversations and actively demonstrate service advantages using hands-on technology.

Media array in the American Financial exhibit

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