Beumer Group: Featured Touch App Provides Virtual Tour

Image of the Beumer Group exhibit at RILA 2014
Image of the Beumer Group exhibit at RILA 2014
Beumer Group Opens Their Doors in a Virtual Tour

Beumer Group approached Echelon to create an application that would allow them to take trade show attendees on a virtual tour of a typical warehouse sortation facility.

Using assets provided by Beumer Group and some Echelon-created animations, we were able to provide the client with a working application, housed on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

This application allowed Beumer to:

  • Showcase all facets of warehouse logistics utilizing their systems
  • Capture vital information about the attendee taking the tour through the use of internal data capture scripting and questions
  • Interact on a touch interface, through a Kinect System with gesture control, or both simultaneously

The application was created in house and can be employed for future uses in mixed languages and also off the show floor as a complete yet content flexible sales tool.

Image of the Beumer Group application within the exhibit

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