LCI Brands: Giving a Brand a New Hand

LCI Brands Exhibit Product Display TGA 2015
LCI Brands Exhibit Product Display TGA 2015
When LCI Brands wanted to upgrade their brand and overall trade show presence, they turned to the Echelon Design team to deliver a fresh look.

As a company that represents varied brands, LCI Brands also revealed their product offerings appealed to differing retail markets and could readily be split across not just varying stores, but even numerous aisles within a single retail space. Clearly identifying products and grouping these into logical categories was critical to sales efforts on the show floor. The design process embraced sound marketing strategies such as the adoption of key lifestyle imagery and hierarchical brand identification. The critical challenge was to execute these elements on an exhibit that changed from venue-to-venue, and could be subject to change even a week before a major event.

Image of LCI Brands exhibit


The solution shown here includes the following features that continue to move LCI Brands forward at shows such as Outdoor Retailer and the Travel Goods Association:

  • Core Brand Identity: A 16′ tall tower that included an array of modular overlay brand titles, which can be readily swapped out between shows, or added to as new brands are developed in future offerings. This high level billing for brands is helpful to retailers who recognize the importance that product brand tags represent in the realm of retail.
  • Large Lifestyle Graphics: A series of hero displays that group the end-user appeal of brand offerings – initially into either Travel related themes (such as luggage, air travel, and security related products) and Outdoor themes (such as sports, outdoor leisure, or camping products).
  • Color and Material Finishes: Use of color and materials that are fitting with the industries that LCI Brands exhibits in – and likewise colors that make their brand and product packaging appealing.
  • Interactive Product Displays: Tablet-based interactive catalog at arm’s reach of product displays to facilitate sales discussions.
  • Digital Signage: A 2×3 video array for a bigger scale digital message attraction at larger venues. Content was wrapped into an attractive motion graphic presentation by Echelon’s Media Team as part of the design execution.

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