Mayo Clinic: Making the Medical Mark

Mayo Clinic - DDW 2014 - Exhibit Lightbox
Mayo Clinic - DDW 2014 - Exhibit Lightbox
Making the medical mark with Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic is a worldwide leader in high-end medical care, education and research. They attend many regional and national shows and needed a presence that speaks to the caliber of their brand.

Mayo Clinic turned to Echelon to create a solid structure that could represent the established level of care and the notoriety of their research across the nation. The guiding style was to be clean and conservative—a reflection of the Mayo Clinic brand.

Image of 10x20 Mayo Clinic exhibit

The resulting inline exhibit structure was designed to be used in varying configurations. The 10 ft x 20 ft structure could split into two autonomous 10 ft x 10 ft exhibits, catering to both left-corner and right-corner orientations as well. The logistical advantage to this strategy has served their needs well and travels to numerous locations. The illuminated graphic panels are frequently swapped out to create a strong bond across many medical specialties.

The primary mission of the exhibit is to educate physicians on how they can refer patients to a Mayo Clinic facility, to access professional services and connect to research and education resources. This is all done in a welcoming backdrop marked by a distinctive dimensional backlit logo.

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